About Me

Adam Roth (full name Adam Rothkopf) was born in a suburb of Miami, and has continued to age ever since. He is currently 21 years old and has made a few very important purchases (and gotten some nice gifts) in his lifetime. Some relevant ones are:

A guitra! (He has spelled it this way since Day One and plans on continuing to do so for at least the rest of his lifetime.)

Several other instruments! (These include a harmonica, a series of continually-breaking kazoos, a keyboard, a banjo, an electric guitra, a violin, and an egg shaker! Hopefully more will soon be added to this collection!)

A computer! (Obviously a good thing. This one happens to have GarageBand, which he has found remarkably useful in many of his musickky endeavors! Also good for lyric writing, website making, and finding strange things on the internet.)

A Boss RC-505! (It’s mainly a loopstation, but also an excellent audio interface! If you don’t understand those words, don’t worry. I didn’t either until I needed both of those things! Point is, it is very, very helpful.)

A car! (This man is traveling now! Watch out, world, here comes CarMan! On the go!!!)

Adam has found genuine joy in songwriting since the age of 5, when he composed his debut song about a bothersome ghost. As he has continued to make some of the useful purchases mentioned above, he has also continued to grow in the heart he puts into his work. He loves trying new things with both his lyrics and his instrumentation, and he very much enjoys darting about from genre to genre. His greatest hope in putting his music out there is to make you feel something with every single song he writes, from deep sadness to anger to joy to freedom to laughter to just plain “oh.”

Adam has been lucky enough to perform in several small music gigs throughout Miami, Florida, and Galesburg, Illinois. In 2019, he was a finalist in Galesburg’s Got Talent, a local performing arts competition. He forgot the words, and his guitra didn’t work right. He didn’t win. Now this website exists, with links to versions of his songs in which he doesn’t mess up and his guitra always works. So who’s the real winner now?

This is Adam (actual size).