Fairytale Beginnings – Digital Album


I'll Sleep When I'm Dead!
Phrases That Don't Mean Anything
Standing in the Rain
Crumbling Away
Spelunk Funk
Easy as Pie
Only for Today
Lost and Found
Support Group for Lost Souls
God's Not An Artist
Beasts and Bugs and Dinosaurs


Order the digital version of my first ever album!  There are 15 tracks on this album, for an hour and twelve minutes of songy goodness!!

[Note: Each track will be processed as its own separate download.]

I’m sick of “fairytale endings”… too predictable, unrealistic, and who likes when the fairytale ENDS???  I say beginnings are WAY cooler!

Album art by Sage Lundquist!
"Neverland" produced by Paul Hoyle!
And by the way, "Crumbling Away" has no E's in it!


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